Música De Indie


Learning a new language can be hard and frustrating sometimes, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. I’ve found a hack to get the best of both worlds, not frustrating and rewarding: listening to music in the language. Music is a universal language and this method of learning is both enjoyable and effective. I’m learning spanish right now and I recently started listening to the language more for practice. At first I stuck to the music I knew and grew up on, but then I decided to checkout Indie music in spanish, since I love indie and spanish, and I absolutely love it. Música De Indie will serve the same purpose as 2k Indie, just with Spanish music. I’ll be giving you some of the new spanish indie of the week starting with:

  • Secuestro Al Corazón by Katzu Oso : Roughly translating to ‘A Kidnapping to the heart’. This track uses crime to describe what love feels like. The singer is conflicted as to whether their love is a mistake or not, but doesn’t want to admit it, they feel as if the love they feel is out of their control and they’re being held in this love unwillingly. The synths provide a very smooth and groovy vibe, and the mix of electronic noises, and other unique sounds used in the instrumentation, really make the music stand out in this one.

  • Epitafio by Caloncho : Epitafio translates to Epitaph, something similar to a eulogy. This song is about a man who wishes not to hurt those he loves when he passes. He wants them to know that he will move on to better things and leave the world happy. This song also instrumentally sounds as cute as its lyrics are. The soft vocals are accompanied by beautifully simplistic music full of acoustic guitar, some soft steady drums, and a slow but sweet electric guitar solo.

  • Todo tiene un precio by Niños Mutantes : This song has been incredibly helpful for practicing pronunciation. Being able to pull up the lyrics and sing along is really nice because I absolutely love this track and it’s repetitive enough not to be too difficult. The title translates to ‘Everything has a price’  and just as its title implies it’s a warning that everything comes with a price, and it’s not always money. The catchy and repetitive nature has made this my absolute favorite recently, and one I’d definitely recommend to anyone wanting to practice some singing in Spanish.

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