2k Indie Online

2k indie is the name of the radio show I started two years ago. The premise of the show is playing some of the newest releases in ‘underground’ Indie music. The purpose is to highlight some releases from local and smaller artists, since there is an endless amount of Indie tunes being released all the time. On this online version of the series, I will highlight a few new tracks every week, and a full playlist of these new tracks can be found on WKNC’s Spotify!

‘Language’ by Mindchatter

I’ve been listening to this artist since they released their first single in mid 2019. They’ve been steadily releasing tracks ever since. Although they are not released in the form of an album or ep, they do hold a central theme much like an album would. This artist has stood out to me for their unique use of electronics and synths. The tracks unique blend of indie and ambiance makes for a genre bending experience that makes all the artists tracks feel distinct and recognizable. This track lives up to the style of the artist and the vocals make it the perfect track to relax to.

‘Second Hand’ by STRFKR

STRFKR just released a full length record titled Future Past Life.  The track second hand instantly stood out to me during my first listen. It’s incredibly chill vocals and soft synths make it something that’s easy to listen to in the background, while the catchy chorus and verses also make it a track I can’t resist singing along to. It’s a fun and groovy vibe, and this whole record is worth a spin.

‘Portland’ by Rat Kid Cool

This track has a pretty interesting intro, and its whole sound is rather unique, but that’s what makes this release stand out. Rat Kid Cool has some interesting vocals, often reminding me of the Front Bottoms, which definitely feel like a potential influence on the group. This track features some interesting stringed instruments, distorted vocals, and an insanely catchy hook. The vocals sound incredibly relaxed but the music makes me want to dance, a conflicting, but entertaining, mix.

As I’d say on air, ‘I’m DJ Psyched and 2k Indie is coming to an end this week, thank you for reading and make sure you keep it locked for more content from the WKNC Content team. See you next week.’

– DJ Psyched