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ALBUM REVIEW: Other Worlds by Módl

Other Worlds - EP by Módl on Amazon Music -

ALBUM REVIEW: Other Worlds by Módl

BEST TRACKS: Hate to Turn, Daydreams, Fallen

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Módl is a 23 year-old producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Virginia who infused his future bass roots with the likes of Indie, R&B, and Hip Hop. Módl’s first EP, Other Worlds, was released in 2016 with the idea of energetic songs in mind.

Módl’s Other Worlds EP is, in fact, otherworldly. To me, this almost dance but also downtempo EP sounds similar to artists such as Illenium or ODESZA. All of Módl’s songs in Other Worlds consist of deep, future bass-esque bass and bubbly synths to contrast. The thing I love most about Módl’s songs are the vocal chops. The vocal chops are well done and add an extra element of rhythm. 

Daydreams and Hate to Turn are instrumental tracks, while Before I Leave, Questions, and Fallen contain lyrics. Particularly, Before I Leave has the most different sound with the inclusion of an acoustic guitar mixed with the same synths and deep bass. Also, the entire EP has an atmospheric sound that makes you feel like the sound is all around you. After listening to the album, I had the sudden urge to create a travel video since the songs felt so atmospheric. It is a great EP to listen to in the car, especially Hate to Turn, that one is my personal favorite. 

I recommend Other Worlds for fans of ODESZA, Illenium, or other future bass artists who are looking for a similar style but with a focus on vocal chops and a balance of deep bass and synths. I found this EP after I was exposed to another song by Módl named Coastline and I explored the rest of his discography.