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Releases of April 2020


I  might be a bit biased when I say that April is the best month of the year, since it’s the month in which I was born, but I also have another reason to appreciate this April. I’ve already made two other blog posts about my favorite songs and music videos from the month, but now that the month is officially over I have even more exciting music news to share. 

It’s truly has been a crazy good month for new music, at least in my taste/ from some of my favorite artists, but I’m sure there’s plenty of good music and news I will miss in this, so make sure to let me know if I missed something you really loved or were excited for this month!

As far as artists, like I said a lot of my favorites released new material this month, including but not limited to: Twenty One Pilots, Hayley Williams, Rina Sawayama, Declan McKenna, and The Front Bottoms. I name these artists because I already covered their new material in my previous blog posts so I won’t go into any more detail here, but I am still super excited about these releases and think they’ve held up really well over the month.

As far as music I haven’t talked about yet, there’s new material from: Smallpools, Mindchatter, Gorillaz, J.P. Plains, Still Woozy, Bad Suns, Arson Daily, youngbuk, Beachtape, and chloe moriondo. There’s even more than that, but I won’t be able to cover them all in this one post without making it ridiculously long, so instead I put them all in a playlist which is linked below.

Local Band Arson Daily released their first full length LP on April 3rd titled Late Reflections. Pipe Dream is my favorite track at the moment, but the whole album is impressive and worth a listen. Their rock and indie infused sound is unique and soothing. Refreshing and original, this one of my favorite plays of the month. The band has done a few live stream concerts for the record already, so if you’re interested you should check them out online, they seem to be staying very active during this time.

‘Window’ by Still Woozy is a soothing pop track with an R&B vibe. It also fits in perfectly with a lot of the indie music on my playlist, since the artist’s sound is a very unique blend of genres, which has made it really stick with me through this month. This artist definitely stands out with his unique choice of instrumentation and hypnotizingly soothing vocals. Making this track short, sweet and kept on repeat.

Last, but as I said before not really the last, is Smallpools. They released the track ‘Play Pretend’ earlier in the month, and the track ‘slowdown’ about a week ago. The first song was used for ‘The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show’, a netflix original. The song is incredibly upbeat, fun, and with it’s catchy chorus and playful guitar riff, it definitely screams Smallpools. I find the chorus gets stuck in my head pretty fast and makes me want to dance. It contrasts nicely with the track ‘slowdown’, a lighter sounding track, though not completely mellow. It has a soothing midline beat that picks up in the chorus. The track was made as a collaboration with morgxn, and considering the netflix partnership they also had this month, it all makes me wonder what the band has in store for us next.

Those were just some of my favorite Music Moments from April. Like I said the month was overwhelmingly full of great new releases and news. You can check out more of my recommendations from the playlist below. 

As always I have a question for you, what have been some of your favorite tracks and music news from this year? 

– DJ Psyched