Final Exam Hype Songs

Happy finals season everyone! I totally believe in you all, but, as I suspect most people feel, I just can’t wait for this time to be over. I’ve tried countless methods in an attempt to make this time better: study breaks at the bistro, going to those end of year events, and procrastinating with people who are also procrastinating so I feel less bad about it… Anyhow, I know finals are a bit different this year, but there is one tradition I have that I’ve been able to continue. I’s pretty reliable and always makes me feel good so I figured I’d share: hype music.

We all have those songs that make us feel like total hype beasts, so I made a short, but sweet, playlist of my favorite hype songs. I always listen to at least two or three of them before I go into an exam. I believe we’re self-fulfilling prophecies, so I think if we go into an exam feeling confident and strong we’re setting ourselves up for success. 

I’m going to share my hype tracks with you, but I’m curious, what are your hype songs? What would you listen to to get yourself in the ‘I’m totally going to pass this thing’ mood?

  • Freaking Out by The Wrecks – Don’t let the title fool you, this track is definitely more uplifting to me then nerve wrecking. It makes me feel way better when I am freaking out, like the chorus says ‘I’m freaking out, but I feel fineeeee’.

  • What You’re Made Of by Arrested Youth – ‘Show me what you’re made of’ being shouted at me before an exam always makes me feel oddly empowered, makes me want to point out that mama ain’t raise no… coward. If you think that would work for you too, I highly recommend this track.

  • Ballin by Logic – This song is where this tradition came from. One year during finals the track came on and I just felt my mood go up about 100% and well after that, for like two weeks straight, it was all I listened too. Favorite line ‘I made a promise to my mama Ima turn these zeros into tens and commas’. If you can’t tell I’m very motivated to make my mother proud.

  • Baby You Got This  by Cecil Frena – My absolute favorite hype song right now. The title says it all really, it’s a big part of the chorus, and hearing Cecil yell it at me, sounding like my hype man in the corner, really lifts my mood up every time.

  • Nothing Personal by Night Riots – This one’s kind of aggressive, but sometimes I find getting a little angry and arrogant before an exam is nice, it really forces all the nervous energy away. How can someone be nervous while also claiming their the best thing? It’s not energy I carry all the time, but we must do what we need to get through these exams.

  • You’re The Best by Joe ‘Bean’ Espositio – This track doesn’t need an introduction, if you’ve ever seen a Rocky movie you know that this is like the most hype song of all time, and a total must for any hype playlist (in my opinion of course).

I call this playlist ‘Exam time bb (Let’s get this A). Do you have a hype song playlist? If so, what’s it called and what’s on it? If not you should definitely give it a try and let me know!

– DJ Psyched