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Band of the Week: Devourment

Fun fact: I discovered this band in 2019 and I am kicking myself for not listening to this band sooner! I was strolling through some Instagram stories and multiple friends posted a screenshot of their album that came out in 2019, and I got to thinking, “who is this?” I started listening to their newest album and I fell in love with their sound. The pure intensity of the music with lots of double bass and blast beats combined with the deep gutturals of the singer makes my heart really happy. I have never seen this band live but I hope that one day I do. I feel like when the day comes that I get to see them, my reaction is going to be the same as the first time I saw Dying Fetus, in pure awe. They have easily became one of my favorite bands.

Devourment is an American death metal band from Dallas, Texas. Although they are considered death metal, I see them more as a slam band because the instruments are not played as “cleanly" as death metal. Slam has a more distorted and disorganized sound (though it resembles the beauty of chaos). They formed in 1995 following the breakup of the band Necrocide – the drummer, Brad Fincher, and guitarist, Braxton Henry then founded Devourment. The band has split up and reformed three different times leaving Fincher as the only original member. The band is currently signed to Relapse Records.


Ruben Rosas (vocals)

Chris Andrews (guitars)

Brad Fincher (drums)

Dave Spencer (bass)


Molesting the Decapitated (1999)

Butcher the Weak (2005)

Unleash the Carnivore (2009)

Conceived in Sewage (2013)

Obscene Majesty (2019)

Favorite songs:

Cognitive Sedation Butchery, Sculpted in Tyranny, and Tomb of Scabs

Have you seen Devourment live? What is your favorite song by them?

Stay Metal,