Best Songs of April (so far)


April has already been a fantastic month for releases, and it’s only been a week. I’m excited for this month of music, especially since a lot of artists are releasing content right now. Considering everything happening in the world it’s really nice to have comforting new music from people who are acknowledging the changes while focusing on trying to embrace the brighter sides of life. Whether the music directly relates to the state of things right now or not, I strongly appreciate all the artists who are continuing to put out their work and giving us all something that we can enjoy and let inspire us.

  1. ‘Level of Concern’ by Twenty One Pilots – Tyler chooses to acknowledge the struggles and heaviness of the world right now from the very first line of this track, and I have to say it’s an amazing comfort to hear from the band right now. Just this week, on the Get Psyched Podcast, my friend Darius and I talked about the history of the band and predicted that the band would be releasing something new soon. We even mentioned that we hoped they would come out with something that related to the current state of things, so I have to say the timing of this release is perfect (The link to that episode will be at the bottom of this article). The rest of the song definitely lives up to Twenty One Pilots reputation, but it has a very new and different sound, and it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s catchy, comforting, and has a very developed sound. I get strong ‘Indie Pop’ vibes from this song, it feels less ‘electronic’ in a certain sense of the word, and it definitely stands out from other works from the band. If a new record is coming with this new sound I’m here for it.

  2. ‘Chosen Family’ by Rina Sawayama – I’ve talked about this artist on the blog before, and her highly anticipated album that’s being released April 17th, and this latest single has me even more excited for the debut record. It’s a much softer song then the last track released, but the music still holds up to her style. Its harmonics, synths and even a moment with electric guitar blasting in at the end really make the track stand out and feel uniquely hers. The lyrics also tell a beautiful story spreading the message of what it’s like to be so close to someone that they become your family, regardless of blood. How powerful and important our ‘chosen families’ are. The message and her soothing vocals make this track a perfect one for feeling appreciation for those you love most.

  3. ‘My Friend’ by Hayley Williams – Hayley is another artist I’ve talked about recently on the podcast, who keeps blowing me away with her new releases, and just dropped a new track and video that warmed my heart. This track reminds me of Rina’s in the sense that the music is enticing, the vocals are smooth and beautiful, and the message is that of appreciation and love for someone close to you. The lyrics talk about being seen in every state by someone and staying close regardless, it’s heartwarming and engulfes the themes of true friendship. These new themes and sounds from petals to armor really show some growth, change and talent from the artist: it continues to excite me for what’s to come.

Now’s a great time to enjoy some new tunes and also take a moment to think of all of the people we love and appreciate most, and these songs are a great way to do both. There are definitely way more I haven’t mentioned, but you can find some more tracks in the playlist below. What are your favorite tracks that have been released this month?

Link to Twenty One Pilots Podcast Episode:

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– DJ Psyched