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Band of the Week: Slaughter to Prevail

Slaughter to Prevail (STP) has got to be one of the heaviest bands that I have ever listened to. I remember the first time I heard STP, I was with my friend, Nate, and he started to play them and I looked over at him and said, “who the hell is this?” I immediately loved what I heard. Their sound is heavy and brutal and don’t even get me started on the vocals, it is insane. If I had to guess what Satan sounds like, I would say he sounds like this vocalist. The power and intensity of his voice is absolutely crazy.

My friends went to see them a couple of months ago and said that the music is playing and STP’s singer let go of the mic and started yelling, you could still hear him over the music!! Homie has a strong and loud voice!! I have never seen STP but I have tried many, many times. The first three times I was planning to see them, something came up each time: either the band couldn’t get in the country because of their visas, their bus broke down, or the show got canceled. I could have seen them the most recent time they came through NC, but I had schoolwork, and that is a bigger priority for me (#nerd, I know).

Before forming Slaughter to Prevail, British guitarist Jack Simmons was a part of a deathcore band called Acrania, and Alex Terrible (a Russian vocalist) gained a huge following on YouTube for his cover videos. Terrible was originally a part of a Russian deathcore band We Are Obscurity, but the group fell apart trying to find a record label. Simmons recruited Terrible with Russian drummer Anton Poddyachy to form Slaughter to Prevail. When they released their EP Chapters of Misery (2015), and their videos had millions of hits on YouTube, they signed to Sumerian Records in 2016. Slaughter to Prevail released their first full-length album, Misery Sermon in 2017.Terrible stated that the album was inspired by the hate and misery seen in everyday life, especially since metal shows in Russia were often canceled due to religious reasons.

The band is noted for their heavy and dark themed songs with a deep focus on Terrible’s deep guttural vocals. They are known to be influenced by Suicide Silence, Bring Me the Horizon (old school BMTH), and Carnifex. The band is also known for wear full-face masks that are gnarly as hell. Most of the songs are in Russian but some do feature English lyrics.

Current members:

·      Aleksandr “Alex Terrible” Shikolai (vocals)

·      Mikhail “Mike” Petrov (bass)

·      Evgeny Novikov (drums)

·      Robert Brown (guitar)


·      Chapters of Misery (EP) (2016)

·      Misery Sermon (album) (2017)

·      Agony (single) (2019)

Favorite song: Hell (this was the first song I have ever heard by them!!!)

Have you seen Slaughter to Prevail? What are some of your favorite songs?

Stay Metal,