New Album Review

Cavetown Sleepyhead Album Review


As a longtime fan of Cavetown I was incredibly excited to give this new record, Sleepyhead, a spin, especially because I have already fallen in love with the first two singles that were released late last year and earlier this year. I also nearly LOST it when I saw that chloe moriondo and Drew Monson were featured in the record. 

The first time I listened to this album I threw it on shuffle and had it on in the background while working, and when I heard ‘Wishing Well’ Ft. Drew Monson I loved it, but was kind of confused since it didn’t really sound like Cavetown. It was a pleasant surprise seeing as to why. This track is the beautiful blend I would expect in a collab between these two artists. It’s distorted vocals display Drew’s heavy input in the track and make it one I continue coming back to. The same can be said with the track ‘Snail’ Ft. Chloe Moriondo, it’s smooth Cavetown vibe with Chloe’s energy makes this track a perfect piece for the last portion of the record. Their vocals have the perfect contrast that make the track sound like a story being told back and forth, it’s almost fairytale like. The instrumentation choice also sets it apart from the rest of the works, there is a slight folk-like influence, but like much of this record it’s very string instrument centered.

While this record has an incredibly strong start, featuring the first two singles that were pre-released, the last half of this record ends it even stronger. Maybe I’m just overly emotional at songs about mum’s, but I absolutely adore the track ‘I Miss My Mum’. The lyrics in the track are incredibly strong, somehow making me deeply sad and happy at the same time, something Cavetown does best. In fact that’s sort of the theme I got from the whole record, it’s like a beautiful tragedy, seeing the beauty in things that might be painful as well.

After giving this record another few spins I have to say ‘For You’ has become one of my absolute favorite moments. The way it borrows from Sweet Tooth and emphasizes what was already one of my favorite hooks on the record really gets me hype, it’s also one of those tracks that makes the record feel like one solid unit. I can’t stop myself from singing alone every time I hear it. This new record was a heartwarming listen from start to finish. It’s authentic, raw, and stripped back. The perfect blend for its emotional impact. I give it five stars and definitely recommend it.

– DJ Psyched