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ALBUM REVIEW: Basement Revolver – Wax and Digital

ALBUM REVIEW: Basement Revolver – Wax and Digital

BEST TRACKS: Master’s Degree, Concussion pt. 2

FCC Violations: Concussion pt. 2, Have I Been Deceived

Basement Revolver’s newest, second ever album, Wax and Digital, is delicate and simple shoegaze. There’s nothing overworked about it. long-time fans of Basement Revolver fell in love with the band when they made a splash in the Ontario indie music scene, cultivating their fuzzy, reverberating sound and vocalist Chrissy Hurn’s angelic voice. Hurn is still out to impress with her talented singing for this new album, but the band has taken a different approach this time around, opting to put intensity in the backseat for favor of a more dream pop approach. As opposed to Basement Revolver’s first album, Wax and Digital is an album for the more mellow music listeners out there.

Wax and Digital sounds a lot different from Basement Revolver’s hit debut album Heavy Eyes. This new release tones down the intense percussion, high-pitched feedback, and wailing vocals in favor of more humble drums and lighter, softer vocals. Though Wax and Digital is largely floaty and shimmering, there is no lack of gritty riffs. Guitarists Chrissy Hurn and Jonathan Malström, and Bassist Nimal Agalawatte work together to add scant elements of fuzz, chaos, and power to an otherwise tame dream pop album.

Wax and Digital is definitely an emotionally charged album, but the lyrics come off as vague. I would have loved to see more vulnerability coming from this album, perhaps in the form of more specific lyrics or concrete diction. Lines like “I can’t bear the thought of ever losing you” (track 1, Wax and Digital) and “I don’t want to let you go tonight” (track 5, Romantic and Heart) feel trite and generic, as though the artist is shy and holding back. Not all music needs to be gut-wrenching and painful (indeed, it shouldn’t), but when you’re writing sad songs you might as well go all the way. Regardless, if you’re in the mood for some easy listening, give this record a spin, especially if you’re into bands like Palehound, Tacocat, or Chastity Belt.

-Safia Rizwan