New Album Review

ALBUM REVIEW: Pintandwefall – Your Stories Baby

This garage rock revival band is comprised of four best friends from Helsinki, Finland that have dubbed themselves with spicegirl-style names Tough Pint, Cute Pint, Crazy Pint, and Dumb Pint. They are fun, creative, wear all black, and perform in Zorro masks. The quartet has been close friends since highschool and initially started the band to perform in their school’s band marathon. Over a decade later, the band is still comprised of the original four members, who have recently released their sixth studio album. Your Stories Baby is melodic, bright, and playful, with several slightly bizzare music videos to match.

Lead vocalist Dumb Pint has a soft, gentle voice, which is the focal point of the album. Dumb Pint’s voice is framed by Cute Pint’s lush 80s synth keyboard, Tough Pint’s delicate percussion, and Crazy Pint’s whimsical electric bass riffs. My favorite track on this album is track 1, Titanic. This song has an amazing energy flow and is the most upbeat song on the album. It serves as an opener that will draw you into the rest of the album. The second track, The Roof, is mellower, with simple, happy lyrics, and focuses heavely on sunny keyboard instrumental.

Pintandwefall is like if the Powerpuff girls formed a band to defeat evil with the sound waves that come out of their speakers. Themes on this album are far and wide, ranging from sweet and melancholic (track 3, Ah-Ah-Ah) to slightly comedic (track 8, Job Interview). As a small band from across the word, with only 8,700 listeners on Spotify, Pintandwefall doesn’t have a huge following in the United States, but I think they have potential, especially because they play their songs in english rather than Finnish. I recommend this band if you like Marina and the Diamonds, Sade, or Surf Curse.

-Safia Rizwan