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Hot New Indie: “If I Am Only My Thoughts” (Loving)

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Loving may be characterized as a “folk-pop” band, but the genre title does not do their new LP’s idyllic nature justice. To be clear though, this album is for particular types of listeners. For those listeners, however, Loving is sure to be a mainstay in the artists they can’t get out of their head. 

Loving nails the “nostalgic” feeling, an effect that is embellished by the fact that the band recorded straight to tape. Flowing guitar leads, pastel piano chords, and silky-smooth vocals bring the listener into the band’s personal wonderland. Anyone who’s the type for daydreaming will certainly be right at home in this headspace. 

The vocalist in particular deserves praise. While he does not show off a large range, his silken tone is precisely what brings the album together. The music is designed for his voice to premier directly in the center. The lackadaisical nature of his lyrics portrays something of the way in which you may stare out the window in contemplation on an overcast day.

Favorites: “If I Am Only My Thoughts”, “Nihilist Kite Flyer”, “Write A River”

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