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Album Review: Transviolet- Born to Rule

Album Review: Transviolet- Born to Rule

BEST TRACKS: Don’t Say You Love Me, Sunshine, Freak Like Me,

FCC Violations: Freak Like Me

               I am completely fangirling over this San Diego based alternative pop band. They are shameless, they are fearless, and they are unapologetic! Transviolet’s revolution really kicked off after they received high praise from pop heavyweights Harry Styles and Katy Perry for their track ‘Girls Your Age’. The staring gem of this band is lead vocalist Sarah McTaggart. Her normal singing voice shimmers but her lower, mumbling singing voice sends a jolt of electricity through my bones. This band did everything independantly for the release of this album. When I say everything, I mean everything. Born to Ruleis self-written, self-mixed, self-mastered, and self-released. Who said pop couldn’t be DIY?

               Above all, I would describe Born to Rule as Lush. This album featurs modern pop-synth and hooks galore to make for an easy listening experience. The lush southern Calofornia really shines through in the third track ‘Easy on Me’ with its tropical flourishes and downbeat percussion. My favorite song on this album is by far ‘Don’t Say You Love Me.’ I think I’m just obsessed with the sassy way bit McTaggart mumbles “I scare the hell out of your neighbours from the South, I’m not your girlfriend but I’m always at your house.” Though the lyrics on certain tracks can get a little repetitive, I’ve come to learn that repetitiveness is usually a sacrifice to endure when listening to pop.

               Born to Rule is the perfect album for a girls night out. When I listen to this album, it makes me want to risk it all and have the best night of my life. Not to mention, this album is empowering to women. Though energetic, there is nothing stressful about this album; In fact, I think it cleared my mind. It’s obvious that the band is aiming to make a splash, and they intend to do it all on their own. If you enjoy listening to Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, or Zara Larsson, then this album is right up your alley.

-Safia Rizwan