New Album Review

New Album Review: Pinegrove

ALBUM REVIEW: Pinegrove – Marigold

BEST TRACKS: Dotted Line, Moment

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Pinegrove is the best thing to come out of New Jersey since the invention of the lightbulb. They are seemingly always lovelorn, and exist so in a most vulnerable, straightforward, poetic way.

Strangely enough, this album reminds me of Ed Sheeran’s album Divide. There are similarities in the simple guitar and complementary percussion. The music sounds slightly bleak but mostly nostalgic and sweet. Marigold does not encapsulate the full range of lead singer Evan Hall’s astonishing range. I think it’s safe to say that I was blown to the ground the first time I heard Hall scream the word ‘underground’ in the song “Aphasia” from the album Cardinal. There barely a trickle of strain or intensity in Hall’s singing on this album. I am disappointed that we don’t see any raspy, twangy yawps or chilling screams and growls on this album.

On the surface, this album contains all the signature warmth and beauty of a Pinegrove album, but the lyrics this time are less hard-hitting and heart-wrenching. I feel less of a deep personal connection, as the lyrics are vague, and less vulnerable than Pinegrove’s last few albums.

I feel that Marigold is lacking the powerful, raw emotions, with touches regret and mortality that I have grown to expect from Pinegrove. Musically, this album is on par with the high standards I set for Pinegrove, but when I try to dive deeper into this album, I find that my skull cracks against the concrete at the bottom of the shallow pool that is Marigold. All in all, this album is good. The only reason that I was so harsh in this review is because I know that Pinegrove can do better. I haven’t given up on Pinegrove yet. I will be eagerly awaiting their next album and in the meantime, I will stick to listening to Pinegrove’s best album, Cardinal.

-Safia Rizwan