Classic Album Review

Great Find: “Michael and His Slipper Tree” – The Equals

A few weeks ago, skimming through Spotify, I came across a brilliant track by the East London R&B/Rock Fusion group, The Equals. The song is titled “Michael and His Slipper Tree” and was released in 1969 on their album “Equals Strike Again”. The band was formed by Eddy Grant, Lincoln Gordon, Dervin Gordon, Pat Lloyd, and John Hall when the five were in high school. They began touring by 1965 throughout Europe. “Hold Me Closer” was the band’s first single, however it did not make it big. It was their 1967 song “Baby, Come Back” that put them on the charts. The song did particularly well in Germany and the Netherlands.

I was surprised to discover the band recorded in the 1960s. When I heard “Michael and His Slipper Tree” for the first time, I initially thought the band would have been from the 1980s. They certainly have a unique, timeless sound that will have you singing “Michael! Michael and his slipper tree, slipper tree, slipper tree, brand new shoes for you and me!” all day. Spotify even has a radio and maxi version!I  highly recommend giving this band a listen!

-DJ Lizzo