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ALBUM REVIEW: Sweet Trip – “Velocity : Design : Comfort” 2003

BEST TRACKS: Sept, Fruitcake & Cookies, International

FCC Violations: none

Recommended if you like: Shoegaze AND Electronica 

 There are many ways to define “experimental” music, but I think the most accurate description is something that does not fit any particular genre definition. This album certainly deserves the title of experimental. Before I get into the music though, Sweet Trip was a little known group from San Francisco, California that focused on mixing alternative rock and dream pop sounds with heavy electronica. Although it is worth checking out the rest of their discography (only 3 total albums) if you are into this kind of music, Velocity : Design : Comfort is essential.

On the surface, the music overall is purposely glitchy and difficult to follow at times, but the more one listens to this album, the more fun and intriguing it gets. I personally seem to find new ear candy every time I give the album a listen through. This album’s carefully crafted intricate soundscapes that juxtapose dream pop and electronic glitch music is a one of a kind experience. Songs like “Dsco” seem like they had influenced artists like Anamanaguchi, but then you have tracks like “Fruitcake & Cookies” which are arguably some of the most creative shoegaze songs you will come across. Furthermore, “International” is an epic 10 minute journey that will throw at you a cornucopia of emotions throughout it’s duration through it’s everchanging soundscape.

This album may not be accessible to people who do not listen to experimental music often, but it’s worth giving a shot for anyone interested in electronica and shoegaze, because I think you’ll find yourself listening to it nonstop once its grown on you because it is so unique.

 – ArtZoid (Host of The Eclection)