New Album Review

Album review: HAN by Berhana

Released date: 10/18/2019

HAN is a worthwhile R&B album that puts its listener is a sentimental yet dance-able atmosphere completed by Berhana’s soothing voice and funky bass guitar. The interesting chord progressions and bass lines are engaging. The album’s themes often touch on nostalgic reminiscences of past relationships or pursuit of current relationships of the singer. Each song is cleverly connected to the next track, allowing for  smooth cross-fades. Another thing to mention is that some tracks in this album are not songs, but instead sound bites meant to sound like an airline instruction vehicle of a party-oriented airline, making for a unique and comical touch. 

Songs to play: 5, 7

FCC violations: There are occasional expletives in this album, especially in tracks 9, 10, and 11.

-Matthew Taylor