Local Music

Support Local Music


Support local anything honestly.

Thank you for reading.

Just kidding, I won’t you hanging like that, but I did want to get my bottom line out there before anyone got bored of my rambling. I think supporting the local art scenes is very important; local markets, local businesses, etc., totally count to. You’re local scene can only thrive and grow with the support of… well… the locals. Which is you and me. It’s important to remember that as members of our community we should be trying to be apart of our community and helping it thrive.

So shop local, listen to a local band, go to a local show, attend local events, and get to know the people around you. Not to go on some weird tangent, but I think communities are important means of support for each other, if we aren’t looking out for our community who is? We’re a community here at NC State, at WKNC, and in Raleigh. Communities are everywhere and you need to give support in order to get it. Never forget that. So if you ever want to start a business someday, or make your own local living in some way, remember that’s only possible with community support, so as community members we should go out now and start supporting.

Even if you don’t plan to do something yourself through a lot of local businesses still have good visions and are benefiting our world (and community) by simply existing, so support them and let them carry out their missions. I’m not going to get political here but corporations shouldn’t run everything, local work is important and that is why we should all take part in supporting it.

Thank you for reading if you got this far~

– DJ Psyched