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My Chemical Romance is back


Well… sort of. As far as we know right now this is just one reunion tour. Don’t get me wrong though this is not underwhelming news at all. For anyone who’s been following the band for some time now, and knows how much this has been rumored over the years, it’s awesome to see it actually become a reality. I really didn’t think it would happen after like the 4th false claim, but I’m happy to be proven wrong.

After being reminded about one of my old favorite bands again I’ve caught myself listening to a lot of MCR in the gym (and on the way to class, and before bed, and while I showered, and basically anytime I put my headphones on) you know, as one does. I have to admit, and I’m really not ashamed to since this reunion is proof I’m not the only my chem fan still out there, that I was a huge fan in high school and still am. They’re still my #1 lifetime artist on Spotify. 

The other day I was thinking about who my chem fans are now. I think a lot of us who listened to this band now are definitely not the people we were when we started listening to them. Cause you know, growing up is a thing, sadly. so I think it’ll be pretty cool to see a crowd of vastly different people attending this tour.

Some of my friends who were huge My Chem fans are not into pop, electronic, metal, indie, hip-hop, rap, etc., really what I’m saying is you never know who was once a my chem fan. I think that will definitely make this reunion tour a pretty cool one, and I’m really excited to see if they’re planning to make any new music together.

Are you excited for the My Chem reunion tour? Because I’m already saving for my ticket…

– DJ Psyched