New Album Review

Queensway – The Real Fear

Perhaps the sweetest treat of Halloween was the release of Queensway’s new EP, The Real Fear. Hailing from Baltimore, they brought the riffs on 2017’s Swift Minds of the Darkside and continue that legacy here. The first song shares the same name as the album, and is certainly something to fear. The buildup that lasts for about half of the song does a perfect job of introducing the work and the rest of the song brings the super groovy guitar work they honed I’m on their previous EP, perfect for fighting your friends to. The next song, Fantasy, continues the trend and brings in some cleaner vocals and goes out with a bang. True Light brings in some very spacey and dynamic background effects and leads in to some vocals that through a rappy flow into the mix. This song also has the drummer shine, utilizing some more double bass (a welcome addition to many hardcore songs). Track number 4, Passion, starts with some mostly clean guitar before jumping right into the madness. This trend of clean intros is something I personally love and I hope to see more of it in the future. It ends on a bright note with some more great riffage and drum work. Tomorrow Will Be Mine, the final song, does a great job bring this nearly 15-minute long banger to a thrilling conclusion. The track utilized more of the rap style vocals, slightly reminiscent of some E-Town Concrete, which is not a bad thing. Overall, this long-awaited EP has proven Queensway still brings the pain. Catch them in Winston-Salem at Break Time on November 12th with Sanction, Vatican, Fuming Mouth, Riot Stares, and The Burning Wind.

-Dylan McGee