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Let’s Talk Study Music

Sometimes I spend more time making study playlists then I actually spend studying, so I decided to make this blog post so that you won’t have to do that. I’ve tried just about everything from alpha waves, white noise to the lo-fi streaming video on youtube that’s become incredibly famous, so I figured I’d list my top study music choices so you can find what works best for you

  • Star Wars Soundtracks : As a huge Star Wars fan this has always been a favorite of mine to study to. It can be a little distracting when super popular themes come up but for the most part it blends pretty well into the background and just sounds like the epic orchestra scores that they really are. Any soundtrack without vocals could probably work here too.

  • EDM music to study to : There’s a surprising amount of playlists with this title but they all work pretty well, if you’re more into electronic/edm type music this might be a good option for you. I prefer anything without vocals really so I often switch between all of these to keep myself from getting bored, but this one really stands out for keeping you from falling asleep. Studying makes me sleepy, so it’s a bonus that this playlist usually keeps my brain awake long enough to actually focus on something.

  • Alpha Waves : This is for sure my go to ‘grind time prime time’ music. Something about it just really makes me get into the zone, probably because it’s the one playlist that I wouldn’t ever listen to unless I was studying. It’s relaxing and the playlist I use from spotify really hasn’t gotten old yet so I definitely think it’s worth trying.

  • Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats to Study to : I feel like just about everyone has tried this so there must be something to it. I listen to it all the time and honestly it’s about the same realm as edm studying, just a matter of preference. Some of the songs are more upbeat and some are more chill, I think the variety keeps it from getting old.

  • White Noise : Technically not music I guess but some people like it, I am not a huge fan so that’s all I really got there.

No matter what you choose to study I’ve been told that what really makes studying music successful is that you ONLY listen to that specific music while studying, that way your mind knows it’s time to study and doesn’t try to relax. Variety works for me too, I switch between all of these pretty regularly to keep things interesting. So what’s your favorite music to listen to while studying?

– DJ Psyched