Band/Artist Profile

Band Highlight // Modern Diet


Modern Diet has grown to be one of my absolute favorite bands. I first heard the band back in 2016 with their song ‘Red Eye’. That song is still one of the first I mention when people ask what my favorite song is. Needless to say, I was pretty excited when they released a 5 track album earlier this year, they’ve also released two singles since. Personally my all time favorite tracks of theirs are that Red Eye song and Echo Parade, I’d definitely recommend those two if you’re interested. 

I would describe their sound as indie rock, but the vocals and instrumentation definitely have a unique style about them that is hard to describe, you’ll know a Modern Diet song when you hear it. I’ve always loved their lyrics too, it’s not too ambiguous but not too obvious, it’s like that perfect mix of poetry and chaos that makes you really think. I love focusing on their lyrics when I listen but I always get lost in the music too. I’ve played their music on one of my radio shows before and they actually saw it on my instagram story and reached out to give me a download of their newest album on bandcamp, so I’d say their pretty cool people and I can’t wait to see what this New York based band does next.

– DJ Psyched