Let’s Talk Music // Headphones v Earbuds


Before I start this discussion I want to make it clear that I’m not biased and have both headphones and earbuds, three of each actually, and I’m not much of an audiophile either, just someone who likes talking music. The argument I have today is simple, both have pros and cons, but which one is better?

Let’s talk headphones. Headphones (like the ones above) are good for a more immersive experience and tend to drown out background noise better. I mean there’s definitely no shortage of noise canceling headphones. For making music and DJing they are definitely preferred because they tend to have a more full sounds and are more comfortable for long periods of use. Cons? Well they tend to be more expensive, I mean the price range is all over for both but, when you really get into things, headphones are more worth spending the extra buck. But they also are less portable. If you’re not planning to wear them the whole time you’re out they do take up more space in bags and they aren’t the best for hot weather because sweat really builds up, especially with larger headphones. 

What about earbuds? Well… they definitely are preferred for working out and being portable. It is easier to find less expensive more quality ones too, they are good for hot weather and take up very little space in bags. But they also have a couple drawbacks. They don’t have the same immersive experience and it’s harder to drown out background noise. And they also can get pretty uncomfortable after a while of wearing.

So where does this leave my point? Well, I use both for different things and I would have to say that headphones win with DJing, making music, studying in a loud place and sound experience. Earphones are my go to in the gym, on hot days, in quieter places, and when I need to travel with a lot of things. Which wins for you?

– DJ Psyched