Weekly Charts

Afterhours Charts 10/8

Artist Record Label
1 YEULE “Pretty Bones” [Single] Self-Released
2 LONE “Abraxas” [Single] Ancient Astronauts
3 DEVATA DAUN Pye Luis [EP] Pytch
4 COWGIRL CLUE Icebreaker Vada Vada
5 BLOOD ORANGE Angel’s Pulse Domino
6 LAURENCE GUY Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteeem [EP] Studio Barnhus
7 18 CARAT AFFAIR Spent Passions 2 Self-Released
8 YVES TUMOR Safe In The Hands Of Love Warp
9 DEATON CHRIS ANTHONY “Das Right” [Single] Self-Released
10 A BEACON SCHOOL Cola Grind Select/House Arrest