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Listening to Metal: Expectations vs. Reality

Ahh, listening to metal… it’s the best. Metal has always been able to put me in a good mood no matter what is going on in my life. If you see me walking around campus or even in my car, there is a 99.9% chance that I am listening to some slam beatdown band.

When listening to metal, I always think that I look cooler than I actually do. I think other people are always looking at me and wondering, “what in the hell is she doing?” Here are the three main instances that happen to me when listening to metal that don’t exactly go as planned:

Listening to music with earbuds

So, I am mainly listening to music with earbuds because I am constantly walking to different classes and events. When I’m walking, you will see me play air drums, air guitar, pound the sky, and have a particular look on my face while I shake my head.

See, when I do this, I am jamming out to the music and just having a good time. I will see people watch me jamming out on my daily walk to class and some laugh, some just give me a weird look.

And here is what I have to say about this… mind ya business! lol.

Going to a show

We all know that the best way to listen to music is to listen live. When going to live shows, some things are bound to happen. You go to the show, and sing and headbang your little heart out to your favorite songs. You mosh, and go hard in the pit. What a great night!!!

Do you want to know how the night usually goes for me? I jam out and dance and sing to all my favorite songs, and occasionally go into the pit. Do you want to know what happens when I go into the pit? DO YOU?! I get hit in the face. Which sucks but hey, if you’re near the pit, you will get hit. Don’t get mad, you did it to yourself.

Editing Music

So, for my shift at WKNC, I have to edit the songs to make sure that they are FCC clean. That means no cussing at all, which can be an issue because bands cuss in songs sometimes and SOMETIMES it is during a nasty breakdown so it makes me sad to edit them out.

Usually, editing songs goes so well and the songs are still seamless. And I love when I go to edit a song and after listening to it, they don’t cuss at all.

But SOMETIMES these bands like to play jokes on me, drop a freaking F bomb at the end of the song. Why do y’all do this to me? WHY? Was it really that necessary?  

The struggle is real!!

Stay Metal,