Weekly Charts

Chainsaw Charts 9/24

Artist Record Label
1 ORTHODOX “I Can Show You God” [Single] Unbeaten
2 ENTRAILS “The Pyre” [Single] Metal Blade
3 KNOCKED LOOSE A Different Shade Of Blue Pure Noise
4 CREEPING DEATH “Ripping Through Flesh” [Single] Entertainment One
5 SIGNS OF THE SWARM “Crown of Nails” [Single] Unique Leader
6 AWAKE FOR DAYS “Break Your Chains” [Single] Self-Released
7 AS I LAY DYING “Blinded” [Single] Nuclear Blast
8 AMON AMARTH Berserker Metalblade
9 ASCENDING FROM ASHES Glory Darkscale Media
10 RITUALIZER “Speed Of Sound” [Single] Self-Released