DJ Highlights

How to Experience Music Differently

I never knew just how many ways there were to experience music until I came to college. It honestly blew my mind to see just how many different ways one could listen to music and how much that changes the experience, so I wanted to share some of my favorites

DJing – Of course the best way to experience music differently is by listening to WKNC 88.1 (the best in college radio) 🙂 but actually, it really does change the experience when you’re in charge of the music selection on the radio. Hearing your favorite tracks over the monitor and knowing that you’re able to force however many people are tuned in to enjoy it too is a feeling like no other. DJing also definitely changed how I experienced music on a first listen and how I think of playlists (I’m kind of addicted to making playlists now and have far more than necessary)

Live – Anyone who’s ever been to a concert for a band they love will testify to this, seeing the music performed live is such an intimate and mesmerizing experience and you feel the music in a way that only comes from a live show. Like most people I keep a list of all the shows I go to, but I know that even if I didn’t have it I would still remember. You never forget a good show and for a good while after you’ll feel different about that music/ artists.

Knowing/meeting the Artist – This is one of my favorite ways to experience music. Much like a live concert it just feels way more intimate but it also brings in this ‘aw i’m so proud of you’ feeling, almost makes you feel like a proud parent at your kids talent show. You get excited to show off your friends work and how talented they are, and when you listen you think ‘yeah definitely feels like them’. I listen to my friends music all the time because it’s the most inspiring and exciting thing to experience.

Making the music – This one is fun as long as you’re not too critical of yourself. Sitting back and listening to something YOU created, thought of, put into existence, etc. is an exciting and inspiring experience. You might stop and think ‘hmm I should’ve done this differently’, but it’s a learning experience and it just makes you want to do it again. Sharing your music with other people who make music can also be a scary thing, but hearing good feedback and being able to enjoy each other’s work is by far my favorite way to experience music.

Focus on Different Elements – Now this is something that studying music as a minor has added to my musical life. Structure, instruments, tempo, lyrics, etc. there’s just so much to hear when listening to a song and if you focus on a different part each time you almost feel like your experiencing it for the first time every time. This can also apply to where you are in your life and what your experiencing too. Like how a love song feels different depending on relationship status and how you feel about someone.

Car, Biking, Skateboarding, Flying etc. – Last but not least, I do think listening to music during any kind of travel changes the experience. Freshman year my absolute favorite thing to do when I was stressed was get on my skateboard and jam out while riding around campus. Now that I live off campus I find listening to music while biking has its own spark too. There’s something about that breeze and flow of travel that really puts people in a mellow and bop mood. And I can’t forget to mention that ‘movie-like’ (and EXTREMELY satisfying) feeling when you pull up to your destination right as the song is ending.

If you have any other favorite ways to experience music please let me know

– DJ Psyched