Concert Review

Pure Noise Show Review

Okay, I know I say this a lot, BUT this show was amazing. The lineup for this tour was absolutely genius and all the bands played a killer show!! This was a show that I have been looking forward to for a while! I have seen all the bands that were on the bill (Year of the Knife, Sanction, Terror, Counterparts, and Stick to Your Guns) before so I was prepared for the chaos that was yet to come.

The first band to start off the night was Year of the Knife and right when their set started, a pit broke out. Everyone was 2 stepping, kicking, and swinging the entire time. YOTK set the bar for what the rest of the night had in store for us.

Sanction hit the stage next and… WOW!!! Sanction never fails to impress me any time I see them. The pit started to get more rowdy once Sanction started playing. I love the stage performance that they have because they all just jam out and the singer is in the audience’s faces the entire time. People were running up to the front and jumping over people trying to grab the mic and sing. They also did a NCHC mosh call and that is when I got kicked in the kneecap and now I have a purple/green bruise. That’s so metal.

Terror came on and I hung out in the back during their set because I recently seen Terror in Charlotte with Hatebreed. Terror was the most traditional hardcore band on the lineup and people went off during their set! Terror always brings explosive energy while on stage. Their riffs are killer, and they are always jamming with the audience, pushing us to do more chaotic stuff.

Counterparts was the second to last band to play and I have never seen them before! I was really happy that I finally got to see them and WOW!!! They were SO GOOD!!!! The crowd went crazy for them!!!! You can tell that Counterparts loves what they are doing because you could see how much fun they were having throughout their entire set.

Stick to Your Guns finally hit the stage and they were jamming! They had a cool light show and they were very interactive with the crowd! The last time I saw Stick to Your Guns was in Carrboro and the crowd went wild! A handful of people left after Terror but the people who stayed for Stick to Your Guns were going off!! People were jumping off the stage, jumping onto the stage, and moshing everywhere.  


Did you go to the Pure Noise tour? What did you think about it? Who was your favorite?

Stay Metal,