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Album Review: Mexico City Blondes – Blush

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Best Tracks: Out To Dry, Addio, Yellow Sunshine, Crimson, Planet Caravan 

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Finally! Something that strives for something different outside the realm of “conventional” Indy. This smooth release from Mexico City Blondes will make you feel like you’re on the beach maxin’ and relaxin’ or in a James Bond film during the opening credits…I say that in a good way. 

Though I’m not quite sure when Mexico City Blondes was formed, it looks to be around 2014 when their first single dropped. The Santa Barbara, California band has been teasing listeners up to this point, releasing four singles and one EP until they dropped Blush this year. The genre is labeled dance/electronica but I’m just not buying that. Yes, there are a few tracks that feature keys primarily but their rhythm section is filled with actual instruments, especially for their live set in which three local Santa Barbara session players fill the void. The drums are amazing as well. It resembles a rock feel, sprinkled with drumline extravaganzas. I don’t know who handled the recordings but I’m sure Scott Pritchet does the tracks justice in a live setting.

Working on their own terms, the band formed when singer Allie Thompson responded to a Craigslist ad by guitarist Greg Doscher. With Thompson being constrained creatively in her last band and with Doscher coming from an old school rock background, the tandem set off to create something different. Apparently, both had similar influences and you can hear the cohesion on their releases.

Out To Dry, Blush’s opening track introduces itself with an intriguing opening that seems to resonate the feel of an early ‘90s hip hop beat. That energy stays consistent but with the emergence of smooth, clean palm-muted guitar lines, along with some fast and spontaneous rim taps from the drummer. 

Some songs feature sweet bass lines and a few funky guitar swells and chords that kind of hide in the background. When some of the instruments are used sparingly, it creates a wonderful dynamic in which everything serves its purpose. Be sure to check out Thick As Thieves and Yellow Sunshine to see these attributes in action. 

Crimson is a dope blend of acoustics, electrics, and keys which progress into a blissful state of ambi”a”nce. If you’re ever feeling melancholy during a rainstorm, be sure to blast this track! Or maybe you’ve got that dopamine kicking and you want to hear it. Well, that’s cool too! 

If you’re looking for something with good beats and flow that is packaged in experimental rock while also employing a euphoric listening experience, out this hitter in your library. Maybe you’ll get lucky and hear some singles during rock hours here at WKNC!