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My Top 5 Favorite “BLEGHS”

I listen to a lot of music, but if there is one thing that excites me the most (besides gutturals) are “BLEGHS” during a breakdown. There are a lot of bands that use “blegh!” in their songs to intensify the breakdown. I don’t know why but a good “blegh” makes the song 10 times better.

I will be counting down my top 5 favorite “bleghs.” Did any of your favorite songs make my list?

The River – Wage War  

This is one of the first songs I heard from Wage War. The song starts off immediately with a killer riff that you can’t help but mosh or headbang. Not even a minute into the song and we already hear a good ole “BLEGH!” and if you weren’t jamming before the “blegh,” you definitely will be afterward. Overall, this song is a banger and I highly suggest that if you haven’t listened to Wage War, start off with this song.

Lost In The Static – After The Burial

This song gives me Arabian vibes; think, a snake coming out of a basket type vibe. Lost In The Static have killer riffs that really groove and you can’t help but jam. The whole song is building up to the breakdown that will soon have a nasty “BLEGH” that will then lead to a killer breakdown. This song is great to see live, the pits are always impressive.

Dead – Chelsea Grin

This song is off Chelsea Grin’s most recent record, Eternal Nightmare, with new singer Tom Barber (former singer of Lorna Shore). This is the first song off the record, and what a great song they chose to start off with. You first hear the rattling of chains and then you hear a girl screaming. Then the music kicks in and you hear Tom growl. The riff continues and BOOM there’s a “BLEIGH” to kick off the song. I can’t think of any better way to start it off!   

Dark Days – Parkway Drive

This is one of my favorite songs by Parkway Drive because the combination of riffs, breakdowns, and vocals is absolutely perfect. The song builds up and will get the listener amped up, then when building up the energy, a “BLEGH” is thrown in during a groovy headbanging riff. This song also has a cool guitar solo that fits in well with the ongoing riff. Overall, this song is awesome and you should totally listen to it. 

Arrogance – Traitors

Once I found this band… oh my god. Traitors’ sound is very intense, brutal, and dark. They have some of the best chunky riffs and don’t even get me started on the vocals, they are insane!! Their singer can sound like that live – sometimes even better than on the record! Arrogance is one of my favorite songs because of how dark and chunky it is. The whole song has a heavy vibe to it with some 2 step type beat. Unlike the other songs, this “BLEGH” comes right at the end of the song and the singer drops an F-bomb just before it. How more metal can you get?

Did any of your favorite “BLEGHS” make my list? What are some of your favorite songs that include a good “blegh?”

Stay Metal,