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My Top 3 Fav Robb Bank$ Songs

If you know me you know I love Robb Bank$. His clever anime references, his unbeatable flow, and his South Florida twang just create the perfect sounds. He has gone from a Tumblr boy to being signed by Rich Gang and he has stayed true to himself and his authenticity the whole time. From Mollyworld to C2 Death of My Teenage, Shaggy’s son has really become an underground superstar. However great I think Robb Bank$ is, many people still sleep on him so without further adieu, I am going to list the top three best Robb Bank$ that you should give a listen (in no particular order).

(1) I Need a 2nd on Mollyworld is definitely an all time fav. It’s just so smooth and provides such an easy listen. The lyrics are both comical and clever and they entice you to vibe with the music whether you know the song or not. Also, the end of the song features an audio clip beginning to explain why Griffith (Robb Bank$ alter ego and main character from the anime Berserk) did nothing wrong which is so cool to me.

(2) Below (ft. Austin Paul). This song is simply amazing. It mixes Austin Pau;’s smooth indie sound with Robb Bank$’s chill almost melodic twang. The song sounds very different from a lot of things I’ve ever heard before and transports you into a whole other dimension when blasting it in your car (In a good way).

(3) Pressure. This song is one of my favorites simply because of how he integrates anime references and remains sounding so hard. At the end of the first verse he raps; “Inside Sasuke, the outside Naruto… chakra flow Orochimaru, Hiraikotsu with the karma, who the f*** want it with Madara.” Though this may sound like a whole other language to some, if you watch Naruto you’ll be able to note that this is one of the hardest lines ever.

Disclaimer: These songs require parental advisory. Sorry kids :/

Lul Bulma