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Upon A Burning Body – Southern Hostility

a,Southern Hostility is the 5th album by San Antonio’s own, Upon A Burning Body (UABB). I have been a big fan of Upon A Burning Body for years now, and I have always liked their sound and seeing them live. In my opinion, this is my favorite albums that UABB has released. It is pure Heavy Metal! Their previous release, Straight from the Barrio, was not one of my favorites, so I was looking forward to what their next release would be like. I am hoping that they announce a tour soon and come through North Carolina! UABB always puts on a great show and I suggest that everyone go and see them once in your life. You won’t regret it, I promise.

This record did not disappoint me in the slightest. Right as Southern Hostility starts, the listener is immediately hooked. The title track really sets the tone for the rest of the record because it’s very intense and in your face. The riff in this song is also really heavy. I wish the song was longer. Throughout this record, you can hear that it is very Pantera influenced. UABB kept their theme of great anthems throughout, too. All Pride, No Pain and The Anthem of the Doomed are perfect examples of these anathematic songs. There are also some pretty cool melodies throughout the album. The song Burn has some great riffs and melodies that I enjoy. Never Alone also has melodies that are different for the band. Although they have headbanging riffs (and some 2 step beats!), there were some melodic core riffs that I was impressed with. I also love Danny’s (vocalists) voice. It is very strong, which I am a big fan of. I like how he can do highs and lows, and also sing!! He also sounds good life; he does some really cool gutturals when they play live.

I like how UABB’s songs are packed with riffs and mosh filled moments. Southern Hostility has a feel-good vibe to it that I could play throughout the day no matter what my mood is. I really like how the overall theme of Southern Hostility gives me an “if you mess with me, I will whoop your ass” kinda tone. I think that is the right mentality to have all day, every day.

Favorite song(s): All Pride, No Pain, Reinventing Hatred, and The Anthem of the Doomed.

Rating: 7/10

Have you listened to Southern Hostility? What do you think of it?

Stay Metal,