Concert Review

Metallica WorldWired Tour FEBRUARY 9, 2019 / THE SAW

What’s up Butcher Crew!? Last month (January) I got to see the boys in Metallica for the second time! I went to both legs of the North American WorldWired tour. The first was back in 2017 in Atlanta, GA at SunTrust Park. The most recent time I saw them was in Raleigh, NC at the PNC Arena.

The two times that I’ve seen Metallica were very different. While seeing them in Atlanta, I was outside in GA (and you already know I was in the pit). Metallica brought along Voltbeat and Avenged Sevenfold for this leg. At this time, I had never seen Metallica, so me and my mom traveled down to Atlanta to check ’em out! Their stage performance was incredible and their energy was unmatched. They played their most popular songs (Sad But True, One, Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, and Master of Puppets, etc.), and being that close to the band yelling the words to their songs back to them is something I will never forget. Also, during the Atlanta show, Robert (Bass player) complimented my mom’s cowboy hat. You already know we had to bring some crazy NC redneck style to Georgia. I still remember this show like it was yesterday, and being in the pit for Metallica is something I will always cherish. To top it all off, right after Metallica, I had to book it back to Raleigh to go to orientation at NC State. The grind never stops.


The most recent time I saw Metallica, it was a little bit different. It was in Raleigh at the PNC Arena, literally 10 minutes from where I live. So, this show was indoors and I had Club Seating. My parents and I went, and this was our Christmas gift to ourselves. Unlike the show in Atlanta, there were no other bands with Metallica, but there was a comedian. It was a weird match up but it was entertaining. Seeing Metallica was different this time. One of the main reasons was that I had a seat and I wasn’t in the pit. Instead of headbanging, moshing, and jumping around, I sat, stood, and sang the songs (though I did sling some hair during the DJ’s set). This was a much more casual way of seeing Metallica and it was a fun time just playing air guitar with my dad and pointing at each other when we were singing the songs. Just like before, Metallica never disappoints. They were set up “In the Round,” which basically means the stage is in the center of the arena and the crowd surrounds them. Lars’ drum kit would rotate so each side of the arena appeared to be front and center. They had fire, big screens, and all other kinds of technological advances during this show. Their energy was great, again, and they put on another great show. They played their best-known hits, but also some songs that I was really surprised that they played (Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Creeping Death, and Fuel). They were very interactive with the crowd and let me tell you, there were a lot of people there. Metallica set a new record for how many people were at the PNC Arena that night.


Metallica is by far the best band that I have seen live. No one can beat their live performances. I believe everyone should go see Metallica at least once in their life because even if you aren’t a metalhead, you know who Metallica is. And I KNOW you know their songs. We all played them on Guitar Hero, don’t lie to me.

And by seeing Metallica for the second time, I have now seen the Big Four (Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer) each two or more times!

Have you seen Metallica? How was it?

Stay Metal,