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vitamin E’s Electronic Hopscotch Roundup

Hey guys, its that time of year again- the weekend of Hopscotch Music Festival. For us indie teens/young twentysomethings here at WKNC, its an exciting time to see our favorite artists live and close by. Or if you aren’t lucky enough to score tickets, it is most likely covered on someone’s snapchat story in blurry video segments where the artist is not clearly discernible.

As afterhours music director, I am pretty stoked about this years lineup so without further ado, here are the Top 5 Picks for electronic music this year u cant afford 2 miss <3 

1. Negative Gemini: Saturday @ 12:30am @ Neptunes

2. Gudiya: Thursday @ 8:30pm @ Neptunes

3. Alex Brown: Saturday @ 9:30pm @ The Wicked Witch 

4. Breathers: Friday @ 10:30pm @ The Basement 

5. Thoom: Saturday @ 11:30pm @ Neptunes

But its not all fun and games at Hopscotch..You may assume that I, as a music director, am invincible, however, while coming to this festival I may or may not have left my car in drive and had it roll into a collision with another parked car as I walked away. Other than that, 10/10 experience here in downtown Ralz. 

signin off,

vitamin E