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Beer Cans are The Saw’s Friends

Storytime with The Saw

This is going to be a story about how I got my first guitar pick. Now, this was a very important moment of my life because it was when I become a savage.

It was November of 2014, and my mom and I decided to go see Pop Evil in Fayetteville. They were having a free show, and it was almost my mom’s birthday, so we decided to go out and celebrate. The show was in the parking lot of a strip club, so you should know that this is going to be a good story when we’re jamming out in the strip club’s parking lot. Anyway, my mom and I were hanging out, chit-chatting with other people at the show. I got asked if I was going to go to the after party that would take place inside the strip club… I was shook. I literally wasn’t even 16 yet.

Pop Evil was my favorite band around this time and when they came on, I was jamming! I knew every word to every song that they had, and the bassist and vocalist shot me the goat (the rock symbol). Typically, at the end of a show, the band would throw things into the crowd (drum sticks, water bottles, set lists, towels, and guitar picks, etc.), the bass player looked dead at me AND THREW HIS PICK AT ME. I don’t have the best hand-eye coordination… so I didn’t catch the pick. BUT I did see where it landed, and I was determined to get that pick. Well homegirl in front of me saw the guitar pick too, and she decided she was going to bend down and pick it up. Not today! I ran towards the pick, saw a beer can on the pavement, kicked the beer can at her when she was bending down, and I dove head first for the pick (maybe a bit too dramatic, but come on… The Saw doesn’t half-ass anything). When I came back up, I came back victorious with the guitar pick in my hand. My mom saw the entire thing… and most parents would frown upon it, but not my mom. When I made eye contact with her, she had a huge smile on her face and her arms were wide open (que the song With Arms Wide Open by Creed) ready to embrace me in a hug. She yelled “MY BABY!!!” when I came up with the pick. She was proud of me for being a straight savage. If you ask her what her proudest moment of me is, she will tell you this story.

From that point on I have been a savage at shows, so watch out. I ain’t afraid to use a beer can if I have to.

* Me on the ground getting the guitar pick *