DJ Highlights

The Saw’s Butcher Shop

What’s up guys! It’s your Master Butcher, The Saw, here, and I would like to welcome you to my Butcher Shop!

This past week and a half, I have done some reconstruction of my show on WKNC’s Chainsaw Rock. I wanted to make it more like an actual show, and have a theme. So, since I play some brutal metal, I needed a brutal theme. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how “The Butcher Shop” came to be. I am still going on air on Friday nights from 10pm-midnight, and you can listen to my show online here. Just click on “MP3” in the “High Quality” section to take part in the butchery in The Saw’s Butcher Shop.

Let me tell you all about the segments of The Butcher Shop. My “Diamond Cuts” are my Metalcore Essentials. I will still be playing my favorite bangers in this spot. The Diamond Cut Saw Blade is my favorite bone cutter; always clean and true. Obviously, it was a perfect fit for my Metalcore segment.

My next segment is my Death Row Cell Block for my homies in the Big House. Since my homies, personally, named this segment, Death Row Cell Block will continue to be this segments name and continue to be The Butcher Shop’s second of the night. I will be playing the chops that my homies have requested to be cut.

Out of my six segments a night, two of them are always new. These are butcher blocks that have certain themes (like songs that talk about flags and banners, bands that are from Australia, metal feels, and any other genre of metal that I decide to play, etc.).  When I introduce a new segment, I will introduce them as my “Choice Cuts,” the freshest selection of Grade A material. 

The next segment is “The Chopping Block,” which are my Death Metal Essentials” This segment gives you an image of what my butcher shop looks like (look at the picture above… I told you it was dark in here). I will be playing new death metal bands and the Old School bands that we all know and love to dissect.

And finally, the last segment of the night, when all the hacking, slicing, skinning, and cutting is done, we enter “The Meat Locker;” my Deathcore Essentials. This is my last segment of the night, so it would only make sense that the last stop on our tour is at my meat locker (BTW, there is no exit). I will be playing the heavy hitters that I have been listening to for the week. It’s a great way to end my show (and leave you… hanging).

Thank you for accompanying me on the tour of my Butcher Shop. Y’all hang tight (because you can’t leave, remember, there is no exit)! It is dark in here, so make sure you watch your limbs and count your digits while hanging around. I am looking forward to seeing you all every Friday night to hang (get it?!) with your favorite college radio DJ in The Saw’s Butcher Shop.

 Stay Metal,