DJ Highlights

New Releases of Dec. 2017 / Jan. 2018

The first month of 2018 is almost out the door already, so it’s time to do a recap of some of the coolest releases of the new year! From the looks of it, 2018 is going to be a great year for some fresh sounds and unique styles. There are also some releases from December 2017, but they were just too good to leave behind. There’s quite a bit of diversity of sound in this list, so hopefully there will be something for everybody. Let’s discover some great music, shall we?

  1. Cheetah Tongue – The Wombats

On January 17, The Wombats graciously gave us their third song release and opening track from their upcoming album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life (out February 9th). I may be a little biased since The Wombats are one of my favorite bands…but nonetheless, this alternative rock band definitely delivers with the catchy lyrics and upbeat tempo paired with soothing vocals and a dreamy sound. If you like this song be sure to look out for their new album!

Listen here

       2. Second Guess (feat. Anuka) – Khamsin

Moving on to some electronic music, artist Khamsin released this single on January 11, hopefully teasing a second album. The track stays true to Khamsin’s genius combinations of simpler instruments such as the electric guitar and piano with a powerful electronic chorus. The vocals are smooth but strong, and partner beautifully with the verses and pre-chorus. If you like this song, you should definitely check out Khamsin’s first album, Leaving (2016).

Listen here

       3. Lovespell – Ben Rosett, Eternity Forever

If you’re looking for a new addition to your Math Rock playlist, this track is definitely a winner. The song stays true to its name, incorporating two guitars to carry the song’s sweet and uplifting sound. It was released on January 1st as a single, but from the looks of their past work, there’s a lot more to come. Ben Rosett/Eternity Forever make some great Math Rock, so give them a listen if you enjoy this song!

Listen here

       4. Myrmidon – Ark Patrol

When I first heard this song, I was blown away by how strange but good it was! It’s a slow electronic melody, but the mixed verbal and nonverbal vocals are what really dominate the song. The various background notes/effects with psychedelic tunes really make it one of a kind. The track was released as a single on January 4th. If you’re looking to expand the horizons of your music experience, you should give this song a shot. 

Listen here

        5. Upside Down – Oliver Tree  Single – Jan. 5, 2018

Fast-paced and full of energy, this track is a lot of fun to listen to. With an indie sound and electric twist, this could be a great pump up/party song. There’s so many sounds and beats that work really well together and are great to dance to.  The single came out on January 5th as his eighth released track. This song put me in a great mood after listening, so hopefully it will do the same for you!

Listen here!

         6. Lights Go Down – Zeds Dead, Jauz

Zeds Dead, the kings of late night driving music, have done it again along with Jauz in creating a track still faithful to the Zeds Dead sound we love. The bass is out of control and the light saber sounds are on point. Every segment of the song sounds great in my opinion, the drop lead up being my favorite. This single was released on December 26, but it’s definitely worthy of making it into 2018.

Listen here!

          7. Rude. – Kaleidoscope – EP Love and Sorrow – December 28, 2017

It’s amazing how true to its name this song is. It’s very hard to describe or categorize, but I would say it borders Lo-fi and electronic music. The melody is somber and beautiful, and the steady beat echoes softly into the music, creating a very peaceful and (may I say) introspective experience. Artist Rude. released this track along with their EP Love & Sorrow on December 28, so there’s more where this came from!

 Listen here!

           8. Coexist – Me(:)i

Need a new addition to your Lo-fi playlist? Here you go! It follows the usual Lo-fi formula, except this song draws from the experience of relaxing at the beach. The light seagull sounds, water drops, and the sound of the waves in the background make the track really enjoyable. This is definitely a song for relaxing, studying or falling asleep. It was released on December 28, and is Me(:)i’s second single.  

 Listen here!

           9. No Surrender Playing With Fire – Hyper

Progressive electronic music is embodied within this track, bringing such fresh sound that I got really confused about exactly where to categorize this song in my brain. Thinking about it, I feel like the electronic sound could be easily replaced with electric guitar and sound great as well. My point is that if you’re into rock music, this might be a good song to try out. The track is included on Hyper’s EP called The Adventures of the Android Kid – Part 2, released on Christmas Eve.

 Listen here!

           10. Flute Loop (ft. Ouici) – Keys N Krates, Ouici

The song took a few times of listening before it grew on me, but now I really appreciate the music along with the clever name. It’s great for expanding your music horizons, since it keeps most of the elements of trap music but adds some really innovative effects. It was released as a single on Christmas.

 Listen here!

Honorable Mentions:

  1. All Your Love – Max Styler  – Single – Released Jan. 5, 2018

Listen here

       2. Lift – Oblyx – Single – Released Jan. 1, 2018

 Listen here

I’m really looking forward to 2018 and all the new sounds, bands, and sub-genres it will bring. Discovering those hidden gems is what I am aim to do so I can share them all with you! If you enjoyed at least a couple of the songs on this list, then my goal has been achieved! Make sure to look out for next month’s new releases…The Wombats album will be out so it should be good. 🙂

Written by Angela Fluett