Concert Review

Issues – Headspace Tour 2017 @ Ritz Raleigh 9/29/17

I was so excited for this show because it was going to be my first metal show in a month. Yes, I know a month isn’t a long time but I go to shows a lot. And I haven’t been able to go to shows in a while because I’ve been focused on school, and because all the bands that I wanted to see were either too far away, or were playing on a week night. But this show was on a Friday night and I honestly could not wait. I had two of my friends going with me. One of them is my show buddy. We go to almost every show together, I actually met him at a metal show so that’s pretty cool. My other friend that I met the first month in college was going with us. This was actually her first metal show so I was pretty pumped to see her experience the life of a “metal head.”

On the Headspace tour, Issues brought Volumes, Too Close To Touch, and Sylar with them. I was mainly excited for two of the opening bands: Sylar and Volumes. I’ve seen Sylar at the Carolina Rebellion and at Warped Tour – they put on a pretty good show. The crowd wasn’t really interacting or jamming to Sylar or Too Close To Touch. The crowd mostly just stood there during both sets. But when Volumes came on, the whole club exploded. There were at least 3 mosh pits going on at the same time, the whole set. They came out hyped and really got the crowd involved. They played some of their best-known songs such as: Feels Good, Waves Control, The Mixture, and Wormholes. I got into some of the pits and it was such a great time. Volumes is always great to see live, this was my fourth time seeing them and they never disappoint. My friend who has never been to a metal show was thrown into the pit, and she loved it. I’m friends with Myke Terry, one singer for the band and I interviewed him for WKNC. Up next were Issues, and honestly, I didn’t know how I would like their set, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw live. They put on a really, really good show. They were interacting with the crowd, and the crowd responded by going hard during their set. They had multiple mosh pits, and a lot of crowd surfers. The light show, too, was impressive. Their songs sounded heavier live, which I really liked; so, I got into some mosh pits here and there. I also crowd surfed twice and it was a good time. I got my friend to crowd surf for the first time. So, it’s safe to say that she will be going to more shows with me in the future. They played some of their best-known songs, as well: Disappear (Remember When), Love Sex Riot, Mad at Myself, and Slow Me Down. I was really impressed with this band and wouldn’t mind seeing them again.

-DJ Saw