10 Types of People You’ll Find at Shakori Hills

Beyond the music and dancing Shakori is a unique social experience where a variety of folks come together, here are a few you’re bound to find there: 

1.) The Hippy Mom: Probably grew up going to grassroots festivals herself. Wears patterned maxi skirts and smiles at everyone.

2.) The Tag-along: Doesn’t know why they are there, groans as they follow their friends around through the dirt. Hates nature, and only listens to pop radio.

3.)Bluegrass grandpa: Plays banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, stand up bass, harmonica, you name it. Probably has a beard and often recruits other bluegrass grandpa’s to play with him. He’s taking your old-time requests. 

4.)Camp social: Spends the entire festival in the forest at the campsite chatting other campers heads off. Will bring in strangers and have their own little forest party. They came to be social not watch bands. 

5.) Lawn chair squatters: Typically and older couple who’s been coming out to the festival for a while.  You can find them in the daylight at the back of the crowd sitting in their chairs with a picnic, smiling and bobbing their heads.

6.) Thrill seekers: They came to P-A-R-T-A-Y. They’ll drink it all, smoke it all, take off their shirts and dance until daylight. 

7.)Too much too fast guy: Blacks out the first hour of the festival,  remembers nothing but everyone remembers him.

8.)Instagrammers: They’re all about the image. They came to a music festival and they want everyone to know it. Their snapchat story is 3 hours long by the time it uploads with limited service. They’re covered in glitter and sequins for that instagram fest pic, and are very easy to find as their phone is always out. 

9.)The Music fans: They came for music, made a schedule and  aren’t missing any of the bands they came to see. Will probably buy merch too. They’ll probably ask you who you’re there to see.

10.)Hoop Squad: This is the highlight of their life. They dropped a few Benjamins  for that fancy rainbow glo hoop and they’re ready to get out of their back yards and strut their stuff! No one understands their art and they’re really only impressing their friends but it brings their hippy hearts joy.