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Beats n Bars: Mega Success

Last weekend I experience Durham’s ultimate jam-packed Hip-Hop festival: Beats N Bars!!! In its 2nd installment, the Bull City was blessed with an even more expansive and super-crazyfire line-up than last years (which was also super-crazyfire).

My personal favorite acts I caught include (but are not limited to): G Yamazawa, Jooselord Magnus, the DeeepEnd, Shame, Free the Optimus, Cayenne the Lion King, OC from NC, Nitty Scott, and of course, the legendary Cyhi the Prynce. 

In fact, the festival provided so many dope acts, that there was never a dull moment. And the plentiful supply of food and beer made for a hot Friday and Saturday in the sun to be quite the comfortable experience. And in my opinion, the best part was the option of an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, giving the attendee the choice of which environment that they want to experience dope Hip-Hop in. 

Additionally, it would be foolish not to mention the incredible B-boy group, the Raleigh Rockers who graced the place with a display of Hip-Hop dances, as well as an interactive lesson where bystanders were able to step in and participate. Throwing in the fact that a number of DJ’s showed their chops on the 1’s and 2’s, the festival did a great job of staying true to their mission, and that was the celebration of Hip-Hop, as Crystal stated: “not as something you do, but as something you live.”

On behalf of the Underground Department at WKNC, we would like to congratulate Beats n Bars for throwing another fantastic festival for Durham, North Carolina! 

DJ Rhythm