How to Tell your Friends about Hopscotch

             The countdown to Hopscotch is winding down. Concerts are always better with friends, so you’d want your friends to keep you company during this annual event, right? But perhaps you find that you’re the only one in your friend group that is associated to WKNC (even if by just listening to the station or you just really dig our website) and therefore realize that your interest in/obsession with Hopscotch interest isn’t shared. That’s okay, having friends with different interests is what life is all about. However, we still should care about are friends and empower them do what’s in their best interest. So, if you realize that you are the only member of you, apartment, rec league team, cubicle section, study group, posse, crew, mob, etc. that is a) is going to b) wants to go to, or c) has at least heard of Hopscotch, you need to show your group that you care about them and introduce them to the experience that is Hopscotch. 

Step 1: Casually Introduce the subject 

            It’s the week immediately following Labor Day and everyone has returned from what is most likely their last summer adventure. Whether it’s the realization that the first round of tests is in sight or that you have to clock back in tomorrow morning, your friends aren’t ready to let go of summer. Gently bring up the idea that they can still have one last big bang the weekend of memories at Raleigh’s biggest music festival of the year. Yes, you just said weekend, music, festival, and Raleigh in the same sentence. No, you did not mean Bonaroo or Lolla. You’re talking about the one and only, the North Carolinian music fanatic’s dream, the cake that they can have and eat too – HOPSCOTCH. 

Step 2: Hit them with the Ol’ Razzle Dazzle 

            Now that they’re aware of the occasion, give them a reason to go. You want to be careful here. Right now you have them hooked, so you need to keep up the momentum as you reel them in. The best way to go about this is disorientation: Throw out the big-name artists you know they love, as well as the fact that there’ll be local (yes; local as in Cheerwine-drinking, Cookout-Tray ordering, lowkey-still-knows-all-the-words-to-either Sweet Caroline and/or Raise Up) acts to discover as well. Make them feel like a music scout by describing the different venues in which they can be in the presence of seasoned and up-and-coming stars: Kings, The Pour House, CAM Raleigh (yes, the museum!), The Basement, and more! And of course, don’t neglect to mention that you (insert your name) will be there to not only guide them through this experience as someone in touch with WKNC but to experience it alongside them as well – YOU are also a selling point.

Step 3: Provide the 411

            At this point your friends are in all probability on their phones buying tickets so they don’t miss out on this opportunity and have to wait until next year. They bombard you with questions about the details: when, where, parking, food, times, etc. Releasing them from their fervor, provide the following responses:

When: September 7th-10th

Where: Downtown Raleigh


  • Free on NC State’s campus after 5 pm
  • Use WKNC’s Lyft code WKNC50 to get credits toward your first Lyft rides.
  • Skip it by taking the Wolfprowl into downtown between 10 pm and 3 am onFriday and Saturday nights
  • Walk or bike if you’re super local – save the Earth!

Food: Almost every block downtown has some food vendor on it, or bring your own!

Times: Check out and print the full Hopscotch Schedule @

            If some or all of this information escapes you in the moment, you can always direct your friends to WKNC’s blog and they can peruse at their own convenience. Remember – take care of your friends by introducing them to Hopscotch in a reasonable, non-assaulting or judgmental manner. They’ll thank you for it and be glad they knew about this epic final summer hurrah.