Body Positive Festival Fashion


Festival season promises a slew of ill-informed and potentially body-shaming, culturally appropriative overviews of acceptable festival fashions. For Hopscotch, or any festival for that matter, attendees and performers should dress comfortably and fashionably (if they want!). Here are a few tips on how to stay cool for Hopscotch weekend!

Wear comfortable shoes! I cannot stress this enough! Venues around downtown Raleigh are pretty close, but after awhile, you’ll find that hustling back and forth between sets will take a toll on your tootsies. Closed-toe sneakers or other athletic shoes are my number one recommendation. Strappy sandals, like Tevas, are another good option, but you might go home with dirty feet. You know your feet and what you can handle, though, so this is totally up to you.

T-shirts and tank tops are usually the best bet here to stay cool. If, for religious or other cultural practices, tank tops are not an option, any light or loose top will do as well. This also goes for people who may feel uncomfortable showing their arms or skin in general. The heat must be beat, but as long as you’re hydrating and ducking into air conditioning every now and then, you will survive.

To stay cool, skirts or shorts are the best option. As stated before, if skirts or shorts are not an option for you for any reason, light athletic pants or a polyester, stretchy denim is another great option for staying as cool as possible! 

Sunglasses. Sunglasses. SUNGLASSES. Wear sunglasses! Perhaps some device to attach the glasses around your neck! You are going to thank me later for this. Also, sunscreen. Sunscreen is an accessory and a powerful one. You don’t want to go home Sunday night and realize you turned into a peeling, amorphous, dead-skin person.

I recommend bringing a backpack or cross-body purse to the festival. Pack light, and only the essentials. If you’re planning on attending any day parties, DEFINITELY bring water. Bulkier bags and wristlets can become a hassle in big crowds.

Suggestions here are simply that: suggestions. By all means, if you’re going to Hopscotch, I encourage you to wear whatever you want and however you want. Just don’t hurt anybody in the process.

-angel by shaggy