Weekly Charts

WKNC 88.1 FM Loud Rock/ Chainsaw Charts 5/24/16

1 DISCHARGE End Of Days- Nuclear Blast
2 MORBID VOMIT Doctrine Of Violence
3 DEATH ANGEL The Evil Divide- Nuclear Blast
4 FALLUJAH “The Void Alone” [Single]- Nuclear Blast
5 ANTHRAX For All Kings- Megaforce
6 GRAVEWORM Ascending Hate
7 LOST SOUL Atlantis: The New Beginning
8 ALESTORM Black Sails At Midnight- Napalm
9 IRON MAIDEN Piece Of Mind
10 GRUESOME Dimensions Of Horror- Relapse

Top 5 Adds

1 AVATAR Feathers And Flesh- Entertainment One
2 SEAS OF WAKE Depth Of The Marrow- Sorrow
3 ABORTED Retrogore- Century Media
4 DEATH ANGEL The Evil Divide- Nuclear Blast
5 GHOST BATH Moonlover- Northern Silence