Concert Review

Say Anything/mewithoutyou/Teen Suicide/Museum Mouth at the Cat’s Cradle

Teen Suicide, a lo-fi band from Maryland, and Museum Mouth, Double Barrel Benefit 13 band and long-time favorites of KNC, were the opening acts for Say Anything and mewithoutYou on Thursday, May 19th at Cat’s Cradle. I was most eager to see Teen Suicide after listening to their much anticipated 26-song album It’s the Big Joyous Celebration, Let’s Stir the Honeypot. The album has a diverse mix of genres ranging from typical indie pop songs like “Falling Out of Love With Me,” to the jarring industrial sounds on “Beauty.” No song is similar and it was hard to imagine what type of sound the band would be going for during the show. Teen Suicide didn’t disappoint, going with two electric guitars, bass, and drums. Doing great renditions of old favorites like “Benzo” and “the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams,” opting for a less ambient sound and going with a heavier indie rock sound, but still with the band’s overarching theme of teenage sadness. The songs off the new album were more indie rock sounding, like “Pavement” and “Alex.” It was a great performance and showed at least one aspect of the band’s diverse toolkit. Hopefully Teen Suicide will come back to the Triangle soon and change up their sound a little to highlight other songs on their newest album. mewithoutYou, Say Anything, and Museum Mouth had great performance as well. Museum Mouth played some newer songs like “Incubus Tattoo” and “Wave Emoji” and highlights from their newest album Popcorn Fish Guinea Pig. Lastly the show was not complete without Graham from Museum Mouth getting married to his fiancée, in the middle of the Cat’s Cradle crowd before mewithoutYou started their set. It was definitely a night to be remembered.

-Wizard Doctor