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K.A.A.N Interview

If you’re a fan of bars over bullsh*t rap, look no further than one of the DMV area’s most promising up-and-comers, K.A.A.N. The 24 year old Maryland native is a student of the greats, like Big L, 2Pac, and Big Pun, but unlike the hoards of wannabe rappers that claim the same thing, you can here their influences echoing in his extraordinarily complex and high octane raps. Go to his Soundcloud page, listen to “Kaancepts,” and try not to jump out of your chair screaming. Not gonna happen. He blesses the classic “Deep Cover” beat in a multi-syllabic double time flow that definitely has Pun smiling up in heaven.

Recently, K.A.A.N. put out a mixtape EP where he flows on the Golden Era’s most classic beats, like “Shook Ones,"Flava In Ya Ear,” and more. The EP is called “1/12/199?” and definitely worth peeping. He plans on putting out his first full project with original production some time next year, so stay tuned on his progress because I have a feeling that his name is going to ring bells sooner than later.

Listen here.