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Hopscotch Artist Profile: Tashi Dorji

The strum of a guitar has been a standard in the colorful spectrum of musical genres throughout centuries. How you strum the strings can determine the mood and tone of the song. This skill is where Tashi Dorji shines. His guitar, spread over cold silence, makes you feel something. Whether or not it is a comfortable feeling is up to you.

Born under the slopes of the Himalayas, Dorji lived in the remote country of Bhutan. This isolated upbringing ended in 2000, when Dorji left his home country to attend a liberal arts college right here in North Carolina. In the city of Asheville, he made his new home and started to release compositions under various labels, mostly on cassette tapes. Dorji’s voice radiates throughout his music. Many of his works are the results of improvisation. His compositions drag the listener into a labyrinth of warbling tones, where each sound seems to jump out and replace the eerie silence that would otherwise occupy the atmosphere. The textures remain sustained in the reverberation as the vibration of the strings dwindle and ascend. The experience is one equally disorienting and reflective, in which Dorji’s musicianship brings haunting beauty and mindfulness to the listener.

Be sure to catch Tashi Dorji playing Hopscotch Music Fest at the Kennedy Theatre on Friday September 11 starting at 10:30. He’ll also be playing with Elisa Ambrogio at the WKNC/WYXC/WXDU Hopscotch Day Party at Kings in Raleigh. Only 23 more days until downtown Raleigh becomes the playground for music lovers of all types! Be sure to stalk the WKNC blog for more Hopscotch coverage!