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WKNC & WXYC Hopscotch Day Party

This year we will be putting our rivalries aside and teaming up with UNCCH’s WXYC for a Hopscotch day party! This year’s day party will be occurring on Friday, Sept. 8 at Legends Nightclub in downtown Raleigh starting at 12pm.

For those who may be new to the festival or unfamiliar, day parties are free and open to the public concerts which occur every day before the festival and generally start at noon.

They are the perfect opportunity for those who don’t have a ticket to see some music and participate in the Hopscotch festivities or for those who do have tickets to get their pre-game on and see additional artists not featured on the official lineup.

If you decide to go out to day parties, ours is one not to miss. Legends, which is located at the corner of W Hargett St and Harrington st is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the rest of downtown with its large outdoor bar, generous seating in its lounge, and large stage it’s the perfect venue and hang out space. In addition this party is put on by college radio stations so naturally the artists chosen to play will be amazing, but for those who would like to know more here’s a brief description of what to expect:

Oxidant: Raleigh based powerviolence/hardcore. The perfect early set to get your blood pumping for the day.

Chucha: Electronic project of Laura Munoz. Her music can be noizey, dancey, and make you the feel like floating through space any way it will impress you.

Jock Gang:  Experimental/artful indy rock music from Atlanta Georgia

Ami Dang: Baltimore based electronic music project sets itself apart with heavy eastern music influences, raga melodies laced with electro-pop.

Das Drip: Brand new Raleigh hardcore.

The Muslims: Durham based politically charged punk music. Queer and muslim band members use the power of musical activism to fight racial profiling in the age of Trump.

The schedule will be as follows:

12:00 – Oxidant
1:00 – Chucha
2:00 – Jock Gang
3:00 – Ami Dang
4:00 – Das Drip
5:00 – The Muslims

Come out enjoy some music and maybe meet some of your favorite radio DJs!

Festival Coverage

We’re having a day party!

Join WKNC and our friends at @wxyc, Wolftrax Music Group and Team Clermont for a Hopscotch Music Festival Day Party!

Come out to Legends this Friday during Hopscotch weekend to see a variety of amazing local artists! Doors open at noon, with music starting around 12:30 p.m.

Set times are approximate and are subject to change:

12:30 p.m. – XTALS
1:10 p.m. – Pie Face Girls
1:40 p.m. – no smoking
2:40 p.m. – P.A.T. Junior w/ Oak City Slums


RSVP to our Facebook event page!

Festival Coverage

WKNC + WXDU + WXYC Hopscotch Day Party Photos

Raleigh Neomonde Catering – Kings Barcade


Museum Mouth – Kings Barcade


Jefre Cantu + Greg Fox – Neptune’s


Mamiffer + Jenks Miller – Kings Barcade


Blanket – Neptune’s


Sagan Youth – Neptune’s

Festival Coverage

WKNC + WXYC + WXDU Hopscotch Day Party!

Hopscotch is approaching… and you certainly don’t wanna miss our day party extravaganza with fellow Triangle college radio stations WXYC and WXDU! There will be free food and FREE MUSIC! Kings is all ages and Neptunes is 18+ for this special event. Come hang out and mend college radio rivalry Friday, September 11th!

Festival Coverage

Thursday night Hopscotch at Neptunes

While one of the most engaging parts of Hopscotch is racing from venue to venue to catch your favorite acts, it’ll be hard to find a reason to leave Neptune’s Thursday night.

Kicking off the lineup is David Mueller’s solo electronic project TZYVYX (pronounced civics). Mueller is a member of Raleigh’s Birds of Avalon and Heads on Sticks, but his solo project eschews traditional song structures for experimental electronic soundscapes. TZYVYX builds off of little, using few vocals, sleek synthesizers, and minimal percussion to fill the room. His live performances incorporate the use of projectors and CRT TV sets, creating a powerful atmosphere hard to step away from.

Following TZYVYX is former Asheville local Nick James. James was previously in a Raleigh band, Oulipo, but also has adopted a radically different sound for his solo music. With slow, grinding tempos, his tracks use building chromatic melodies and drones to create a supremely menacing post-apocalyptic atmosphere. As tension builds James sporadically releases that kinetic energy with thick-as-concrete industrial bass punches. It’s startlingly cathartic for music that seems so sparse, but feels natural. Utilizing visuals for most of his live performances as well but had the following to say on them in an interview with The News & Observer: “…with my show, I kind of thought, since it’s built for sound systems – there’s a lot of bass, there’s a lot of heavy, kind of reverberating, cinematic sound – I want visuals, but projections aren’t necessarily high-definition enough. So, I’ve kind of gone with this HDMI, dual flat-screen situation that gives it this kind of high-definition sound environment that, when people are listening to the music and watching the visuals, it’s a much different, musical experience.”

Up next on Thursday night’s lineup is Chicago’s Teklife member DJ Earl. After gaining a steadfast knowledge of Chicago’s juke culture at a young age from other Teklife DJs like Rashad, Spinn, and Traxman, DJ Earl began producing his own sounds that promote a fresh generation of footwork. While Earl was not a part of the official Hopscotch lineup last year, he took the stage of King’s the night before with DJ Paypal and DJ Big Hank kicking off the festival.

Closing out the night at Neptunes is UK producer Mumdance whose energetic, grime dance music will make it hard to leave the parlour to race over to CAM to catch Cashmere Cat.

Band/Artist Profile

Hopscotch Artist Profile: Tashi Dorji

The strum of a guitar has been a standard in the colorful spectrum of musical genres throughout centuries. How you strum the strings can determine the mood and tone of the song. This skill is where Tashi Dorji shines. His guitar, spread over cold silence, makes you feel something. Whether or not it is a comfortable feeling is up to you.

Born under the slopes of the Himalayas, Dorji lived in the remote country of Bhutan. This isolated upbringing ended in 2000, when Dorji left his home country to attend a liberal arts college right here in North Carolina. In the city of Asheville, he made his new home and started to release compositions under various labels, mostly on cassette tapes. Dorji’s voice radiates throughout his music. Many of his works are the results of improvisation. His compositions drag the listener into a labyrinth of warbling tones, where each sound seems to jump out and replace the eerie silence that would otherwise occupy the atmosphere. The textures remain sustained in the reverberation as the vibration of the strings dwindle and ascend. The experience is one equally disorienting and reflective, in which Dorji’s musicianship brings haunting beauty and mindfulness to the listener.

Be sure to catch Tashi Dorji playing Hopscotch Music Fest at the Kennedy Theatre on Friday September 11 starting at 10:30. He’ll also be playing with Elisa Ambrogio at the WKNC/WYXC/WXDU Hopscotch Day Party at Kings in Raleigh. Only 23 more days until downtown Raleigh becomes the playground for music lovers of all types! Be sure to stalk the WKNC blog for more Hopscotch coverage!

Concert Preview

Play it SAFE Benefit: 5/30 at the Pinhook!

WKNC // WXYC // WXDU // WUAG Present: Play it SAFE a benefit for the Durham Crisis Response Center. The show will be at the Pinhook on May 30th.

This North Carolina college radio collaboration features the excellent grrrl punks that are See Gulls, and our much beloved friend T0W3RS, who you may recognize from DBB11, FOTL, or The Lounge

WKNC is more than excited to be joined among such great company for such a great cause. Of course we are also more than psyched to be dancing our shoes off to these two great local acts. Let’s throw some french fries!

Concert Preview

College Radio Showcase

It’s finally time for round two of Hopscotch Music Festival, coming up this weekend, September 8-10 in downtown Raleigh.

This year offers a special free day party sponsored by Port Merch – College Radio Showcase, presented by WUAGWKNCWXYC and WXDU. The four college radio stations are part of UNC-Greensboro, N.C. State University, UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University, respectively. The stations have collaborated to create an awesome lineup of local music from the Triangle (and slightly beyond) by each choosing one band to represent them: Nests (WKNC), Whatever Brains (WXYC), Free Electric State (WXDU) and The Bronzed Chorus (WUAG).  These bands cover the genres of post-country, shoegaze, punk, experimental and indie rock.

The day party will be at White Collar Crime on Saturday, September 10, noon until five.

All Hopscotch day parties are free and require no ticket for entry. For a full list of Hopscotch’s day parties, refer to their day party schedule.

Concert Preview

The Pinhook’s Second Great Band Swap

This Thursday through Saturday, December 3-5, The Pinhook in Durham will be hosting The Great Band Swap—based on a 2007 concert.

The format: three nights, four local bands a night, and every artist must cover at least one song by one of the other three artists that night.

The Pinhook website ( provides the following line-ups and descriptions

Thursday, December 2 features the anthemic punk rock of Pink Flag, the soulful, old-school pop of Brett Harris, the classic-rock hooks of The Pneurotics, and the shambolic majesty of Dry Heathens. The WXDU deejay team.

Friday, December 3, local legend Billy Sugarfix leads the way with his whipsmart catalog of charming, confessional pop. Juan Huevos brings ebullient homemade hip-hop, and Durham duo Joy In Red squares off with Raleigh art-garage outfit Antibubbles. Deejay sets will be provided by WXYC.

Saturday, December 4 is the wildest bill, hitting most of the genre extremes in indie rock. Cassis Orange provides distilled electro-pop with a subtle Japanese edge. Mosadi Music is hard-edged, political hip-hop with searingly tight live instrumentation. HOG takes heavy-metal and stretches into psychedelic dirges and molten, fleet fingered hooks. And Embarrassing Fruitschannels the finest guitar rock of the past 20 years, mixed with lyrics about girls, partying, and small-town ennui. The WKNC crew will spin records.

As listed, after the performances local college radio stations WXDU (Duke University), WXYC (The University of North Carolina), and, of course, WKNC (North Carolina State University) will provide the music by deejaying.  I will be representing the station with my co-host and valiant General Manager of WKNC 88.1. It should prove to be a most interesting and entertaining local happening each night and overall, and may earn a status as an annual event.

DJ Highlights Local Music

Local Beat Roundtable: Series 2 preview 10/29/10

Tonight on the Local Beat we begin our second installment of the Local Beat Roundtable Series.  If you remember from back in August when we had our first in the roundtable discussions with Betsy Harris, Karen Mann, Jake Seaton, Linnie Green, and Bryan Reed the focus on these roundtable discussions is not to focus on the music that make up our scene but the people who promote it and document it.

This evening we are having several exemplary characters in on the program for what should turn out to be some great conversation.

Ross Grady has been the most prominent local music documenter probably ever in our region.  It seems his dedication to the scene knows no bounds.  In addition to running Triangle Rock and starting up Alt Music Chapel Hill Ross is also the guardian of his radio program on WXDU that happens every Sunday from 4pm-6pm.  Be sure to listen in on 88.7 or stream it live on the internet!

Ryan Sweeney is another radio personality who was the general manager at 89.3 WSOE in 2009.  He is now living in Cary and the Director of Communications at the popular website Choose Local Music.  In addition to other things Ryan is a great local music connoisseur who should have plenty to share.

Glenn Boothe is the main man at one of the most significant local venues in the Triangle, the Local 506 in Chapel Hill.   Commonly the central hub of local music in our area, the Local 506 is commonly mentioned by bands and fans alike as their favorite place to watch live music in our area.   I can’t wait to chat with Glenn about his thoughts on the music in our area.

Another music venue owner, Chris Tamplin is stopping by.  Chris was the main organizer for Local Beer Local Band and booked shows at Tir Na Nog before starting his own venture with Durham’s newest local venue, Motorco.  Chris should have some fascinating insight into the different cities and their relationships to the music surrounding them among other things.

Eric Chen is also dropping by.  You might have heard Eric on WXYC for nine years or seen him at many Hammer No More The Fingers shows (as well as others) with his video camera in tote.  Eric has been documenting the music in our area for some time now and I am sure he will have plenty to add to our convseration.  Check out his Vimeo Account here.

Hammer No More the Fingers + Phil Cook @ Trekky House 5/24/10 from Eric Chen on Vimeo.

It is certainly a special treat to have each of these amazing individuals on the show all at once.  It is not going to be a Local Beat you will want to miss.  Be sure to tune in at 5pm on 88.1 or listen live online.  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and ReverbNation.