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[Afterhours]End of Fall Album Roundup

Machine Drum – “Vapor City Archive”

Based off the artist’s recurring dreams, this complex album paints a picture of his dreamscape. Awesome rhythms, beautiful keyboard parts, and top notch production that really brings out the darkness in the album. Minimal Vocals.

Flying Lotus – “You’re Dead”

Super jazzy album. Most tracks are quite short. Other than “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar, this album lacks the typical hip-hop influence FlyLo tends to bring. This album can go from an extreme fast passed weirdness to a slow and lulling cadence.

Aphex Twin – “Syro”

Thirteen years in the making, Aphex Twin’s “Syro” album. Ambient, Industrial electronic, even some jungle techno. A cool mix of interesting sounds throughout the entire album, while still keeping up with Aphex Twin’s darker style.

SBTRKT – “Wonder Where We Land”

The second full length album from SBTRKT (pronounced “subtract”) brings less synths for a wider range of styles. Sampha’s smooth R&B vocals are used on several of the tracks as well as other recognizable vocalist and rappers. All songs are pretty chill.

Caribou – “Our Love”

A more lyrically personal album for Caribou. This album explores a wide variety of styles. From the slow cerebral tracks like “Silver” to the mode mid-range synth-pop songs like “Can’t Do Without You” to the dance tracks like “Julia Brightly” this album has a lot to offer. 

MOA – “Maverick”

I like this music, give me some “moa” am I right? (lame) Wow, what a feel good album. This is one of the happiest and upbeat electronic albums I’ve heard all year. Lots of dance club type tracks and some dubstep. Some tracks sound a little poppy; lots of upbeat techno.

Garden City Movement – “Bengali Cinema”

Sweet EP. Very chill, downtempo beats with chopped and screwed vocals. Totally “Majestic Casual” style. Listen if you enjoy those chill tunes.

Eliot Lipp – “Watch The Shadows”

A soulful album that really showcases his synth-hop style. Many great vocalists are featured on this album. A beautiful fusion of soulful organic sounds and new dance floor mechanics.

Kodomo – “Patterns and Lights”

Nice beats with some classical elements thrown in. This album has more of an ambient sound; no big drops or build ups. Reminds me of Japanese producers styles.

Bonobo – “Flashlight”

This 3 song EP really demonstrates the quality of Bonobo’s work. A chill album with many layers to concentrate on while listening. Good swurling synths. The last track is the most down-temp of the three.

by Muta &  YeägerMeister