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The Charming Youngsters will be back. Their show as a part of the Spazzscotch III Day Party is one of their last shows for the next little bit. After a successful crowdfunding campaign for their next album, they will be heading into the woods to record their promising new album. Their kickstarter campaign affords them the ability to try some new things on this record that they would otherwise be unable to do. It also gives them the ability to release their new album in new ways, possibly even on vinyl.

The band came by our table at Wristband City for Hopscotch to talk to us for a bit just before their show at Spazzscotch. We discussed their old album as well as their hopes for their new album along with the evolution that has brought them to where they are today. We talked about Spazz Fest and the Greenville scene that kicked off the band’s existence. Check out the interview above to here all that and more, and keep your eyes peeled for details about their new album.

Listen here.