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Most Anticipated Shows of Hopscotch 2014/Personal Itinerary

DJ SALINGER — a personal itinerary for Hopscotch 2014



The kick off night for Hopscotch is going to be incredible to say the least. To start with, the first highlight of the night will occur at Slim’s at 9:30 PM when Southport, NC’s own Museum Mouth takes the stage (or shall I say rocks the stage) with all of their wonderfully emotional songs off their latest album Alex I Am Nothing. Then from there, you will want to make sure to grab a portion of The Till’s set at Pour House Music Hall before making your way over to Deep South to catch my most anticipated performance of the evening by Reptar who are making their way to Raleigh from their hometown Athens, Georgia…which is coincidentally from the deep south.



Alright, it’s already a given that all of Friday’s City Plaza’s shows will be a must see with Lonnie Walker starting at 5:45, St. Vincent at 6:50, and Spoon at 8:30 PM. Now the big question arises: Where do I go from here? Well let me just tell ya, I am really looking forward to starting the post City Plaza extravaganza with Raleigh’s own Ghostt Bllonde who will be playing at CAM Raleigh starting at 9:30 PM. After this set, I will definitely stop by to catch Loamlands at Lincoln Theater, then a little bit of the Nervous Ticks at The Hive before heading over to my most anticipated performance of Friday—Mapei. Coming all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, Mapei’s infectious songs are sure to be a must see at midnight in Tir Na Nog.



If I learned anything from last year’s festival, it’s that by the last night I am WORN OUT. Having a blast running around downtown Raleigh can really take a toll on one’s body, so come Saturday night I will be staying put in one spot to see all of my most anticipated performances for the evening; and that spot is the Fletcher Opera Theater. Starting out at 10:00 PM with the talented Asheville based folk singer Alexandra Sauser-Monnig, as part of the group Mountain Man, Alexandra’s beautiful vocals are surely not to be missed. The night only gets better with Chicago’s Ryley Walker taking the stage at 11:00 PM and then perhaps my most anticipated show of the whole festival, a solo performance by Phosphorescent at midnight. The level of intimacy Saturday night in the Fletcher Opera Theater will without a doubt be through the roof; and for that reason alone, overall, I am anticipating Saturday the most out of all the days. 

By: Clint Bowman